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Core Team

 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckehard Fozzy Moritz 

Fozzy created the working basis of Innovationsmanufaktur with his work "Holistic Innovation" and has been leading the company ever since; as mastermind, chief networker, passionate do-gooder and CEO.
Martin Strehler, graduate sports scientist

His position "Head of Research" and the epithet "Innovatorix" are well deserved. Trends, social robotics, e-sports and digitalisation in sport are just a selection of the topics that move Innovationsmanufaktur’s co-founder Martin.
Lisa Knoche, M.Sc. Management

Everything that Lisa balances hardly fits into these lines. In addition to mobility and elite sports projects, our "voice of reason" also takes care of the commercial side of Innovationsmanufaktur.
Dominik Wedber, B.A. Philosophy & Economics

Complexity? No problem. Interdisciplinary? All the better! All-round team joker and philosophical economist, Dominik has has a firm grip on all innovation projects.
Charlotte Meixner, M.A. Prevention and Health Promotion

Our northern light from Hamburg not only knows about sports, health promotion and gamification. Charlie, lively and always on the move, always shows her enthusiasm for sport and infects others with it.
Esther Zierer, M.A. General and Comparative Literary Studies

Nothing gets past her: as the guardian of corporate identity, Esther is responsible for beautiful texts, hunting for printing errors, our public relations and maintaining the social media channels.
Carina Wimmer

Just like her shots, Carina's ideas like to hit the mark. In addition to being an active competitive athlete, she drives initiatives and projects around sport, health and sustainability.
Florian Gnauck, B.A. Industrial Design​

A creative spirit with hands-on mentality: whatever Flo tackles, screws, tinkers with, draws or designs – in the end it works and looks good to boot.

Expanded Team

Dr.-Ing. Helmut Naber

Helmut has experience from a colourful professional life in university and industry, from Germany to Thailand. He has dealt with a wide range of subjects and can repair cars, motorbikes and projects by hand if needed.
Raluca Muntean Graphic Designer & Acrobatics Enthusiast

Creativity requires the courage to break away from certainties. For this reason, Ralu is best suited for originality, design and innovative ideas.
Sara Diaz Web Developer

The native Colombian not only provides Latin American flair, but also builds first-class websites. Pragmatic. Practical. Very good!
Eva Müller

With her many years of experience in top management and a strong business sense, Eva helps us to set up our own organization efficiently and to better understand the needs of the corporate world.



"At Innovationsmanufaktur, the future is forged! Its approach to making complex issues manageable is becoming increasingly valuable for successful planning in politics and business. Innovationsmanufaktur thinks and designs innovation from the perspective of people and society and at the same time pays attention to economic viability. It challenges traditional thought patterns and comes up with surprising but convincing new solutions".Urban Plangger

Chairman and member of many supervisory and advisory boards
(e.g. BASF SE, Daimler AG, Trumpf Group)
Urban Plangger

"If Innovationsmanufaktur did not already exist, it would have to be invented. Large companies have neither free resources nor enough distance in their day-to-day business to devote themselves to innovation projects without preconceptions. And most small companies lack partners and experience."

Managing Director Innovation Centre for Mobility and Social Change (InnoZ) GmbH
Urban Plangger

"Holistic innovation is the Bode Miller of innovation processes, unconventional but highly effective and at the same time paving the way for a young, cheeky generation of creatives who enjoy making a difference! The holistic approach has a highly challenging character and surprises those who engage with it time and again! This makes it possible to coax the creative potential of everyone involved in the process – even those who didn't think they had any! My advice: Try it out!"

Head Coach Alpine Skiing Men, German Ski Association
Urban Plangger

Ministries and public sector organizations at home and abroad


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