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Das internationale Sport-Innovations-Netzwerk ist die globale Erweiterung des Sport-Innovations-Netzwerks und verfolgt die Idee der kooperativen Globalisierung. Inhaltlich beschäftigt es sich explizit mit „Joy of Movement for Gobal Health and Happiness“. Aktuell arbeiten über 70 Partner aus den Ländern Japan, Südafrika, England, Spanien und Deutschland an drei großen internationalen Projekten; weitere Initiativen sind in Planung.

We | Innovation in Elite Sports - is the innovation network for competitive and elite sports in Germany. It deals with all aspects of future orientation and innovation promotion; especially the interdisciplinary cooperation between sports practice, technology development and science, and is the network basis for the Innovation Hub Elite Sports.

The core idea of the Micromobility Innovation Network is to help shape the future of sustainable mobility systems. Central themes are a strengthening of active mobility, in particular, micro-vehicles, bicycles and e-cargo cycles and an improvement of the innovation culture in mobility research and a culture of respect in mobility practice.

The core tasks of the Sports Innovation Network are the definition of successful topics in the fields of sport and the promotion of physical activity, the identification of new of new fields of innovation, the establishment of initiatives to promote innovation and the initiation and support of corresponding projects.