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Joy and Movement in Kaunas

Joy of Movement and Fitness Offers in a Park – where are the opportunities?
Visual, physical and emotional impressions from Kaunas

Why is there an Innovationsmanufaktur Logo in a park in Kaunas? Among the few people who know the core anchor is my friend Giedrius Grybauskas, driver of new ideas to make people move in Lithuania.
I was so happy when he asked me to team up, and to be around in the first weeks of operation in his Erasmus+ project Health Station: Storage shelters in parks for equipment of all sorts to be used by trainers and animators. This slick idea is making everybody’s lives easier:
⚽ Trainers, not to worry about equipment
⚾ participants, having equipment and a space for their valuables
🏀 city government, having attractive offers for their population to move more, in parks very close to where people live.

And Joy of Movement? Matching this idea with the JOMP triggers, checklists and methods really brought some additional ideas to attract more people to move more. To name but a few
🏐 a more happy, joy-oriented appeal from the outside, with obvious „invitations“ to arrive by bicycle
🏈 an opportunity for some social interaction afterwards
🏉 more offers around music, possibly even with music instruments turned into fitness equipment and vice versa
⚽ experimentations with equipment made of sustainable material or even physically loaded fun versions of cleaning the park
⚾ invitation of some athletes or celebrities at times for the extra excitement, … We will see.

Definitely Health Station already qualifies for the best practice list generated in „our“ Erasmus+ project Re-Train: Happy to stay part of designing a fun-to-move future: Health, quality of life and sustainability in a unique interaction.

What better could you be aiming for?